Sexy Little Things

First post. I want to share some shots, because I love taking photos and I love posing for photos too. I find photography as an ART, than can capture the beauty of something or someone. I admire photographers and I enjoy so much seeing good photo-shoots. I love the page www.weheartit.com there are some really good photos! My account? http://weheartit.com/ITsFS, hope u like it!
I want to buy a nice camera, but for now, Im gonna shoot with my Sony Steadyshot dsc-w320 haha!! Check them out!

1. Complot, special edition label.
2. Seventeen, one of my fav magazines.
3. Nina Ricci, different sizes.
4. High heels, Ricky Sarkany.
5. Key chain from Disney ♥
6. A part of my magazine-collection.
7. Pink nail polish, by Complot.
8. Inversa label, SO similar to the Lanvin collection for H&M (Picture)
9. Fashion stuff: first cluth, first pair of shoes, my phone and sunglasses.

Love, FS.